Wednesday, 23 March 2011

I tell people I don't drink, it's a lie....

It was such a nice day today. B-e-a-utiful!
I feel all summered up, so much that I even bought new sunglasses for the occasion, so my little eyes don't have to squint as I drive, 'cause lets be honest, thats not safe for anyone!
I had my first sit out in the sunshine as well today, me and my university pal whacked on our sunnies and sat on some steps drinking rubicon. Oh boy, was it good! (Seriously who says 'oh boy' these days! Ha, me obviously but honestly, what a loser!)

It's not my favourite flavour but it is still delicious.
Passion is where its at baby!

Now, this here is something of a tribute to the makers of Rubicon- whoever you are. You are legends! Okay, probably my most favourite people in the world right now along with the innocent smoothie people...oooh yeah!
I digress. 
Last summer was the summer of Rubicon. I had it all the time, and then I made Luke drink it all the time. Eventually I think we tried every flavour.. well maybe not every flavour as some of them aren't in the UK, we weren't fans of the watermelon one (don't get that one!), the other ones we had were beautiful, especially lychee (try it, seriously!) We went out on picnics with different flavours, we went to institute and sipped away at them, I had them in my fridge, basically it was the summer drink. We loved them!

Now, your going to think this a little weird fetish or taste maybe, I don't know what the word is, but I have noticed recently I get into different drinks all the time. As in, I also use to buy vitamin-water all the time, not so much anymore but I did have one the other day and it reminded me how amazing it was.. again try it!
Spark and Revive are our faves!

And this last week or so, I'm feeling my innocent smoothies... the banana free ones! They are heavenly! I also use to be a coke addict (the drink not the drug, thanks dad) but I've cut down a lot, which is definitely a good thing. 
I'm so weird, get over it! (I realise I tell you all to get over a lot of things, I'm sorry, I love you all really) I'm pretty sure everyone has weird crazes, be it fashion, food or drink. To make me feel less like a freak, share and share-alike. What are your fetishes right now? 

P.S This is a random post. You get to know me that little bit better!

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  1. Right now I have a bit of a passion for grape juice. White or red. I don't think I've ever tried rubicon. I'm going to though! X


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