Tuesday, 1 March 2011


The weekends go by way to fast. It's like Friday comes around and everyone is happy for the weekend but then it feels like you blink and its Monday again.
With work being so busy at the moment its hard to switch off when it comes to the weekend. I work a 4 day week + university for 2 days, so that leaves me with ummm Sunday, which consists of looking after my nursery babies and then finally monging out on the sofa with Luke.
This weekend was a lovely one, i finished work at 5.30 and walked home with Luke munching on some lovely fudge cake. We then had our mad 5 minutes, which usually means we talk rubbish to one another and run around like crazy people-just to let some steam off. We then hopped in the car and drove our way to Northampton, yes people for some good old family time with the folks :)

My family were giving a family presentation in church the following day so we came to give our support. I love listening to my family speak! We then had some yummy goulash, and we then rolled our big full stomachs out the door and came back to Derby. It was a quick weekend but definitely a fun one! And now its back to the grind stone. Just this time, i am croaking like an old man (all those stupid birthday songs from TGIs ruined it), my knee has recovered (for now) and i don't have university all week, wahay! And luke is equally busy, most of our deadlines are due in soon, so we are feeling the stress! Don't worry though, we are still a merry little married couple!

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