Saturday, 9 April 2011


Don't we all love that word. Exercise. humpf. I don't. Well actually I love to look good but when it comes to doing that, my lazy side comes out. Working out seems like effort. I envy the women who go for runs every morning or even once a week. You go girls! I hate running outside, give me a treadmill in an air-conditioned gym anyday! I use to be a member of the gym, but moving up to derby and having bills, the gym has taken a backseat. So workout videos it is!
Well, today I did just that. A workout video. Yes you can all laugh and have giggles about me getting all sweaty and gross in my own living room. Hilarious I know! Are we all over it now?
Okay. Well I did this ministry of sound work out, which is really good by the way. And I am definitely feeling it, and its only been a couple of hours since doing it, that must be a good thing.
I decided that now that its becoming hotter and hotter, I realized that I need to get my summer beach bod ready.
So here it goes. I'm going to work out every week.
You all heard it. Luke knows it too. He'll hopefully be a friendly reminder for me. I want my dancer body back. Someone in derby find me a dance class please!

Beach body 2011, here we go!!

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