Tuesday, 5 April 2011

One year older, one year wiser right?

Well, its happened. I am no longer a teenager. I am the big 20! Wahoooooo!
I had the best birthday ever! Seriously, being married has it perks obviously but it definitely has its perks on birthdays. It was our first birthday together since being married, and boy, was it a goodun! 
Luke spoilt me rotten. As in.. ROTTEN like a rat rolling around in the dirt rotten. (Not that I'm referring to either of us as rats ha, bad comparison!)
Well, we all know that I got a Tiffany's necklace for a birthday present- which still amazes me! Did have a bit of a scare with that the other day but it's all good now. Don't worry! 
For my other present, I got what every wife would love.. okay maybe not every wife but I for sure did! I got a food mixer.... eeeek! I've wanted one since being married and he delivered! Now I can bake all sorts of goodies and we can get all fat and gross together! 
The day started with me going off to a 9.30 lecture, which I left early anyway, and then we headed off to Meadowhall... where we went a spent all our money in Hollister! ha! Luke bought me some stuff, I bought myself some stuff, luke bought himself something, and I bought him a top. So all in all we spent a good deal for and on behalf of each other haha! 
That's not the best part. 
He whisked me off to a swanky hotel in Nottingham. Where we stayed in a very expensive suite! 
Yes you heard it, not room, suite. 
It was all very romantic. And the rest is on a need to know basis. And you guys don't need to know! We had big long robes to lounge around in too! Fancyyyyyyyy!

My birthday cheesecake. Yummmmaaay!

I also got to see my family this weekend, we had a lovely mothering sunday watching conference, eating good dinner, cooked by my fair hands and celebrating my birthday. I have the greatest family. Its true. They rock. My dad, is my hero. My mum, is my greatest example. Connor is a hidden friend. Ryan is my buddy, always. Mitchell cares for me. And joshua, is the brother I can't wait to see again! 
I love you all! 


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