Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The wheels on the bus.

Don't you love it when bus drivers wave to each other when they drive past each other? I think its really cute and friendly. It made me happy today whilst I was sitting on the unibus. It probably makes there boring journeys a little bit better.
Wouldn't it be nice if we as drivers did that? Waved at each other rather than sticking the finger up and shouting at one another (not that I put my finger up, but the occasional 'douchebag' has slipped my tongue)
English drivers are all sorts of mixes. You get the old biddies, who you feel sorry for when you see them hobbling along with their zimmerframes, but when their in the car, they are just in the way! No offense grannies!
You get the chavvy, low-riding boys, who think they rule the road, when in actual fact, they look stupid with their pimped up cars and blasting noise which comes from the stereo.
You get the ignorant women. Who don't let you out or in. They just stick their little noses up and drive along.
Then, you get the people who take forever to turn out of a road, and just don't seem to know where their going.
You get the businessmen who think they own the fast right hand lane of the motorway. And its just not okay that me and my little KA are driving in it and just because they have a BMW.
You get the families in the minivans. Bless them. I was part of that once upon a time.

Etc... I could go on all day!

You get the gist. Maybe if we were all a little more like the happy yet grouchy bus drivers, road rage would be less of a problem.

Or to make it more fun...wave at the same colour and reg car as you have. The other day, a T-reg Ka was driving next to me, it was the same colour and everything. I didn't make eye contact with the driver as her car was in a lot better condition and actually clean, and ours is a little bit on the dirty side, but still, next time, I will definitely wave... okay I probably won't but i'd like to think I would.

This is a random post, but it just crossed my thoughts, so I thought I would share.

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