Thursday, 5 May 2011

Cars and Nails.. are never a good mix.

Well this week has been an interesting week. We realized on tuesday that our MOT ran out.. hahaha GREAT! We also ran out of road-tax that weekend too. So all in all, our car needs be looked at.
We took it in for its MOT and guess what, it failed. UGGGGGGH!
It has to have a ridiculous amount of welding done to it and its going to cost us an arm and a leg... and thats on a good discount from the friendly mechanic. Good old anthony!
Our car is out of action until monday, the one weekend we really don't need it breaking on us and here we are!
My lovely parents are going to be driving us back up to Derby to pick up some wedding stuff for the weekend and back down to Leighton Buzzard. I have awesome parents... Hi guys!!! (I know they read this)
In other news... I had my nails done for the wedding. I have a nice full set of gel nails on, french tip on course... thing is though, the manicurist cut up all my flipping cuticles. They were bleeding all over the place. Don't go to Divine Nails in Northampton, just don't! They gave me a discount which is good but still, my nails were not worth the price of ruined cuticles. However, they do look lovely, if you ignore the cuts.
They'll look perfect with my bridesmaid dress, flowers and hair! So excited for this weekend!

Bring it on!

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