Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Our weekend ahead.

Its a BIG one. For sure!
We are at two weddings this weekend, and a baby blessing.
Here's the catch. They are all over the place.
Tomorrow, we are driving up to Edinburgh, which takes like 5/6 hours. Which will be fun. Roadtrip (lets hope we don't argue or that will be an even longer journey, haha)
Its our friend's Joel and Lynsey's wedding on friday. I love a good wedding. This will be number 2 on our wedding list. I can't wait, its going to be really fun, lets hope the weather is nice up in Scotland for them!
Good luck you guys. You are going to love marriage!
Joel and Lynsey at our wedding!

Now, thats friday. We are then driving down during the night after their wedding party to Northampton. Where wedding number 3 is happening on saturday.
Now this is a wedding of a very good friend of mine, Mr Farrow! Its going to be so nice to see him get married to Chloe, its funny as in the pictures below they knew each other very little, and now look at them getting married!! Crazy how life turns out! There all beginning their life together, its daunting but definitely more exciting!
What i'm more excited for, is that these two couples are going to the temple!! To get sealed to one another. It is such special experience for them both.
Alex and Chloe, you will be such a cute married couple!!
Chloe catching the Bouquet, soon she'll be throwing it!!

Mr Farrow himself. "Its like Arrow but with a F in front of it"

So thats Saturday daytime, and finally in the evening we are driving back up to Derby for church on sunday where we have been invited to go to a baby blessing of our friends little boy. You are too adorable baby Charlie to say no to! (And your parents are guilt tripping us, hahaha i'm totally joking! We love the Roses! And can't wait to come for your special day too, as long as you give me cuddles okay?!)
People of Derby ward, if we look like the walking dead, its probably because of the amount of travelling that we are doing. Please pity us and let us fall asleep during church. Thank you. Oh and nursery babies, will you please be nice to me, and play lovingly with one another, so I can curl up and have my own naptime. Much appreciated!

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  1. you are 2 crazy cats! Doubt you will even be functioning on sunday lol, you best look after yourselves and if you dont make it we totally understand why!!!!!!!!!!!!! x


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