Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Here's me being productive.

Our weekend was amazing! We had such a lovely time up with friends and family!
Edinburgh was so beautiful, as was the wedding. My lovely hubs looked very handsome in his kilt.
The wedding in Northampton was wonderful! Such a great couple.
Both brides were stunning!
And the baby blessing was adorable!
Welcome to Scotland peeps! 

Do you think Scottish people only bank with RBS? Seriously couldn't see another bank anywhere, and counted like 10 RBS's!

CATH!!!!!!!! OH YEAH!

Wit Woo!


Even more beautiful.

However wonderful the weekend has been, its also been so draining. Up and down the country. But we loved it! 
Its just the beginning of our wedding filled weekends, we have another one this weekend. We'll be so well travelled... of England. 

Also, remember the bridal photographs I was telling you about, check it out Here.
Well, its happening on Monday! Woohoooooooooo!

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  1. Isn't Edinburgh the most gorgeous city EVER?


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