Monday, 12 September 2011

Fall fashions.

I love autumn/winter fashion. The colours, the textures and the layering. It all so cute and stylish. I have to admit I don't like the short shorts and tights look some girls have going on at the moment but hey thats another thing.

Here's are a few things I have purchased over the last couple of weeks, apart from the boots and blazer, there on my list. Do we like?

Do we not love the two caramel striped jumpers? There so chic and totally weather appropriate at the moment. Also, I am in love with the skirt! I have wanted one of these skirts for so long, I couldn't find it anywhere! H&M did me proud. 

Oh and yes that is a Cath Kidston bag........ oh hello beautiful! Its my new university bag, it matches my laptop case. 

I am so looking forward to university again. 

Aren't we all ready to feel all autumnal? 

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