Sunday, 11 September 2011

tired is not the word.

Exhausted is.
I am shattered, literally cannot move a muscle without wanting to drop on the floor asleep.
This past week at work has been busy. I've worked like 5 days, and that may not seem a lot to you but to me, its more than enough. I'm only part time! And i've worked over 30 hours this week. KILL ME NOW!
Yesterday I worked from 11:30 till 1 am. Arrrrghhhhh.
So today is a day of rest. Oh how I love sundays. I'm back from church, in my jammies and ready to cook some easy food and chill out watching The West Wing probably (side note: my father in law let us borrow it, thanks Pappa P, its an amazing show, I love it.. like Pappa P said, it'll teach me everything I need to know about American Politics, American studies student and The West Wing? Winning combo!) then I'm hoping to fall asleep and not wake up till tomorrow afternoon. You can hope!

Hope your all having a great sunday!

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