Friday, 30 September 2011

The first week is over.

The first week of university is finito! Its been a hard week, getting up at 8am in the morning is killing me, having four months of where I could get up whatever time I wanted is not helping. My lectures should be quite interesting, this year I'm studying:

  • The Radiant Hour
  • US Foreign Policy
  • The Cultures of the American West
  • American Popular Music
See, they do sound interesting right?

I've done way to much overeating this week. I've had an indian, fish and chips and pizza hut buffet. EUGH! Too much food. I'm feeling a bit under the weather now. Diet starting monday, once my food triplets disappear.

I've also been having the worst nights sleeps this week. Somehow i've managed to take my PJ bottoms off twice in the middle of the night without realising it and also had conversations with Luke during my sleep and my phone managed to jump into bed with me one night. Its freaking me out. I don't remember anything from the night, just wake up seriously dazed.

anyway, I need to get on with reading Little Women, its due next week and I have a ton of highlighting and reading to get through.

Have a great weekend, what plans have you all got?!
I'm off to work tomorrow and then we are off to see the parents and bros for general conference. Can't wait.

loving the indian summer! 

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