Friday, 23 September 2011

Here's what I call a bad shift at work.

note. my shift was from 5-10.

I went to work yesterday at about 4.30pm after being asked to start early, which you know I don't mind as it's extra money. It seemed like an easy shift, I had nice easy section and for once was on the top floor and had zero party tables. (Believe me, thats a miracle.)
so within this 5 hour shift I had 4 very rude customers and talked to me like I was stupid. I dropped 2 plates of food over some poor american guys. I had a rack of glass smacked into my head. An orea packet lobbed at my shoulder, and slipped on the wet floor and smashed down onto my wrist, where I started laughing, which soon turned to crying as it was so painful, I then left work and burst into more tears when I saw Luke, who then drove me to A&E to get my swollen and throbbing wrist checked out.

Boy oh boy, is that not just a terrible shift?!

As we arrived at A&E, they were as helpful as ever, there was me, tears streaking down my cheek, with makeup all over me and they ignored me for a good 5 minutes while they faffed around. It then took nearly an hour to get a first check and then whisked me down to get an x-ray, where I then had to wait another hour to get my arm slinged up. Luckily it's not broken, it's just badly bashed and sore. I can barely make a fist.

I finally got home at about 3am and soon went to sleep, it's not the most comfortable things to do with your arm strung across your chest.

Back to the dropping of food incident, the 4 guys were really nice about it, they forgave me and made a joke about me not liking american people, so I guess it could've been worse?! I was so embarrassed and found myself laughing when I first dropped it everywhere, I just couldn't believe it. It also didn't help that I screamed as the plates went crashing onto the table and the Jack Daniel glaze spread all over the table and onto their laps. but hey, it was all good in the end with them.

I've got a bump on my head from the glass rack, but i'll live.

Have any of you had such a horrible shift!?

-pictures would have helped these little stories, it would be like one bad movie.

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