Friday, 7 October 2011

Home Hearts.

A recent snap of us.
I heart this man.

This is my darling bedside table. I've taken on some projects recently around the house. Little make overs! We got this bedside table (and it's partner) from this shop that's like a charity shop where they save things that people are going to dump, and then they sell them on. These are such good pieces of wood and I love the styling of them. They are definitely better than the cardboard boxes we had for the first 6 months of marriage!! Bless us! They've been painted in Laura Ashley's paper white, with new handles from Ikea. I love them! 

Get in my belly...
How delicious does this dinner look! My amazing husband made me it on monday night.. I really fancied steak and peppercorn sauce. So, what did he do? He made me steak and peppercorn sauce. It was delicious.

Our cute houseplant. Its a ficus. Its the first plant i've re-plotted myself. Green thumb or what! I already have so many ideas for decorating it for christmas, with pretty fairy lights and baubles. Outside our flat looks nice and inviting.

Ahhhhhh this is my beautiful lamp. We bought it a couple of weeks ago we purchased it from homebase. I love these kind of lamps and I talked Luke into buying one. He'll come around to liking it soon enough. I think he secretly likes it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! 

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