Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Doctors and Watches.

You walk through the door, it has that weird smell, the sick people smell.
You sign in.
You sit down and watch the other people sitting in the waiting room.
You make sure you not sat next to or near anyone coughing or spluttering.
This chavtastic woman walks in the waiting room, hobbling and with her butt crack hanging out. If you didn't feel sick before, you do now. She opens her mouth and it hurts your ears that little bit.
You pray that time will speed up so you can go in and see the doctor and get the heck out of there.
The visit to the doctors lasted a whole 10 minutes, and only like a minute was spent in the actual doctor's room.
Don't worry people it was just a check up, nothing to report or anything wrong. One healthy lady over here!

also; I got a watch.
A real nice one.
I don't do watches, but I wanted one, to try.
All last night it was doing my head in, my wrist was getting itchy and sore. However, I kept it on all night, and when I took it off, my little wrist could breathe properly!
One day soon, my wrist will be able to handle the watch, also is there a certain wrist a girl is meant to wear her watch on? Or does it not matter?! Let me know!

I also love my husband! He is the top dog of his placement, I love when he comes home... our evenings are so special together. He is my honey-buns!

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  1. I always wear my watch on my left wrist, but I have a feeling it's supposed to be on the right. So basically, I don't know. This is a pointless comment!


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