Thursday, 10 November 2011

A whole month.

Oh boyzaaaaa! Its been a whole month since I last posted. I am really rubbish!! 
Quick catch up. 
We had a brilliant halloween. We had the Roses come over for some food, pumpkin carving and some good fun! 
Recently we've been playing scrabble on the ipad together, cuz we are that cool.. but this time we played monopoly, it was fun, I went bankrupt and so did Helen, but the boys battled it out. It was super fun! 

I dressed up as a zombie for work.

Our scary halloween carrot cupcakes

How cute is this pic! 
Luke has been working really hard this last month, he is enjoying working at London Midland, however I am missing him during the day when I'm not at university. Tis all good, I love date night with him, best moment of the week! 

Do you know what though?


ARHHHHHH I can't wait, we're in a new place this christmas, and I can't believe this will be our 2nd christmas together, I want to get decorating, buying christmas presents and rocking out with the christmas tree! 

Its my favourite time of year! 

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