Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Our Story

I realized today that you guys don't know the story about how me and Luke met. Well thats about to change. Its a funny story actually.
We met back in 2009- writing that seems so long ago. Yes we are babies in the knowing each other department. 3 whole years!

This was 'our' first picture. I'm not in by the way, if you were trying to find me.
This was taken at Manchester YSA convention. The guy in the middle is our mutual friend. Thats how luke saw this picture. I did not say one word to him then. Just snapped a picture.
So I upload this picture and tagged the people I knew in it. And someone else tagged Luke in it.

He saw said picture.
He thought 'Hey she's hot!'
(not quite- but he was intrigued to who I was as some weirdo was taking pictures of him.)

He messaged me asking who I was and if we had met at Manchester. We got chatting about random stuff, nothing that I can remember.
Anyway, couple messages back and forth.

YES okay, it was facebook that bought us together. I told you it was a funny story.

During this. We met at our mutual friend's house party (joel is pictured in the middle)
Not going to lie, I was pretty nervous about seeing him.
It was a super fun party and we had a lot of fun. We chatted briefly as my friend James was apparently 'hogging me' most of the night.

Our first official picture. He doesn't like he picture taken, hence why he is all grumpy looking. now that we are married, he loves getting his picture taken. By the way, that's not James in the middle! 

Anyway our messaging kinda stopped as I went to America for a couple of months.

Moving on. 

I got back. 

*side note. We were still just friends.

We got chatting. again. still just friends. 
bit of flirting back and forth. texting. phone calls. you know the drill. 

New Years came around. 

We both went to the dance in Hyde Park that night. We spoke more then, but still James was 'hogging' me. It was just cause Luke isn't a dancer, so I wanted to dance to all the songs and he wanted to stand around a chat. 

Somehow as midnight was approaching I ended up in a car with him, his cousin and her friends. It was random and I don't know how it happened. We were trying to get to the fireworks. I can't remember how we got out the car but a bunch of 15 or so YSA were running through Hyde Park together. I was in heels (you can imagine what a plank I looked like), being the gentleman that he is, Luke piggy backed me most of the way, but we were too late. I think only one guy got to the fireworks, whilst the rest of us all ended up in different parts of the park, lost from one another. I was with Luke. We walked back to the chapel, chatting, it was so sweet. No kiss or anything happened at midnight but it was nice to just have some time together. He had made me a mix CD too! What a fabulous New Year it was going to be!

A picture from when we were first dating.
And it was just that. Fabulous.  We got engaged in May and married in September. 

*If you've made it to the end of this post- good job. This was the shortened version. 

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  1. I have always wondered how you met - didn't get round to asking so thanks for writing this :D Tis a sweet story :D


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