Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Exercise in Pregnancy.

I have always been into keeping my self fit and healthy. However, now I'm pregnant... I can't be bothered. How bad is that?! Even though, I'm pretty sure it is one of the most important times for exercise.

I love going for walks so we do make sure that we go for a little wander every week, but even that wears me out.

I want to do more though! I want to be healthy through this pregnancy, even though I want to eat the most unhealthiest stuff- thats normal right?! I'm not alone on that one for sure!

So, how am I going to do more? Well we are going to go swimming every week and continue our walks and I'm going to try a bit of yoga or pilates. I hear thats what Kate Middleton is doing ;)

We actually went for a swim this morning (after only a small 'tantrum' from myself).

It was so nice. I could only last 45 minutes before I was tired but still thats 45 minutes of exercise I didn't do last week!

I've always loved swimming since I was a little girl and I think its important to do things that you love. I love trying new things but I always revert back to the things close to my heart or things that I know I can do!

Oh and Luke, take me back to this gorgeous place!

What other things can I do to stay healthy? Any ideas would be welcome! 

Happy Wednesday! 

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  1. swimming and walking are two of the best you can do in pregnancy :) I also tried to walk up the stairs at work as long as possible, I managed it until week 37ish when I had to use the lift.


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