Thursday, 21 August 2014

A New Venture!

I have a very exciting announcement! I have started my own mini-business! Well at the moment it is a very raw Facebook page. I am a little nervous about the reaction.

In my head its all:

"Yet again, another stay at home mum trying to make a buck"

(I do hope i'm just being dramatic!) 

So I've recently started making my own necklaces. They are hand painted wooden necklaces. I wear them all the time now. Hoping that I'll be brave enough to maybe market them. I've seen some similar in America and thought "I could make those. And bring them something similar over to the UK." 

And so was born, Hello Victoria Leigh. A little pop up shop on Facebook (for the time being) to showcase these little bad boys. I am hoping to introduce other crafts in the future. 

I really hope you'll support me in my little venture. This business idea is very much a newbie and will need pruning and organising throughout the first few weeks/months. It will definitely be a learning curve! 

I'm so excited!! I do hope you'll love them!

Head on over to: Hello Victoria Leigh

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