Tuesday, 23 September 2014

She's turned one!

I am so late in posting this but our baby girl has turned into a big girl! Like a two months ago! Eeek, bad blogger. 

We celebrated her birthday in style with a weekend full of activities.  On her actually birthday (Monday) we just had a family day at the Llama park! Yes we have a Llama park near us. Odd right. 

We also had a little party with a few of our local friends which started outside with the sun, however in the middle a nice little rain cloud came out to play so we all had to run inside grabbing bunting and bowls. 

Florence loved the attention. She got so many presents, our little apartment doesn't know what to do with them all. We have such lovely friends and family who came and showed their love for her! 

My family stayed over till sunday and florence again was spoiled with attention from her grandparents and uncles. She was definitely sad when she woke up and they weren't here anymore.

but finally... the big day came around. 

The day that a year ago changed our lives forever. Florence is such a blessing in our lives. I can't quite remember what our lives were like before her. She is a ray of sunshine!

In this last year, i've had to learn how to keep not just myself alive, but another person. A tiny little person.  She was this little thing that couldn't keep her own head up, couldn't feed herself and now I look at her, my little girl...so independent. Where has my tiny baby gone!

I love this little pudding with all my heart. I know she was meant to come to our family. She is the most perfect thing! Florence we love you!

and now for a bunch of photos!

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